HSS provides both a private lesson experience and a class lesson experience for our students. Any participants must also register for HSS.


Private lessons:

Because harp is a difficult instrument to learn in a class setting, all students enrolled in harp must also take private lessons from our harp teacher during the HSS day.  There is an additional charge of $18 per half hour lesson for private lessons, and this fee is paid directly to the teacher.


Harp Ensemble:

Ensemble lessons for beginning harp students depends on the number of students and the progress the student makes during the first few months.  If there is more than one beginning student a new beginning harp ensemble will be formed in September and continue throughout the year.  If there aren’t enough students for a beginning harp ensemble, beginning students will be able to join the Harp ensemble in January assuming they have made sufficient progress during the fall. Advanced Harp Ensemble is open to experienced harp students at the teacher's discretion.


Home School Strings offers two class options for our intermediate and advanced harp students and students are encouraged to participate in both.

  1. Harp Ensemble are groups in which intermediate and advanced students play together. These group performs together several times during the year.
  2. Harp within the regular strings classes – intermediate and advanced students are encouraged to join one of the string orchestra classes for the second half of the class period to play harp along with the class on pieces the class is preparing for performance. Music for harp is provided.



All harp students must rent or purchase a floor harp with a minimum of 26 strings and levers on at least F, C, and B.  Thirty strings or more is preferable.  No lap harps. 

Please talk to our harp teacher Rhonda Jaramillo (contact us here) if you have any questions about your instrument.  Instruments can be rented or purchased from Dusty Strings (206-634-1662) or Enchanted Harp (253-770-0550).

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