Homeschool Strings Parent and Student Handbook 2021-2022


Central Kitsap Homeschool Strings offers weekly instruction in violin, viola, cello, bass, and harp for students ages 8 and above, for all ability levels, from beginner to advanced. Classes meet Tuesdays at the Connection Point Church of the Nazarene.

12791 Central Valley Rd NE
Poulsbo, WA 98370


HSS also offers a summer camp the last week of August at the Connection Point Church of the Nazarene. Camp meets daily, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 am -2:30 pm and attendance is mandatory for the beginning student(s), or student(s) who want to “try out” an instrument. The registration fee for camp covers the cost of classes, prizes, and music. Instrument rental may be available (but is not guaranteed) for an additional fee for the week of camp on a first come, first served basis. Guitar and harp may or may not be offered at camp.


This handbook is provided to acquaint parents and student musicians with our policies and procedures. In addition to this handbook, other communications are distributed to students during class, via email, and other means. HSS holds musicians responsible for relaying information to their parents. Parents are encouraged to check with their musicians after each HSS day.


HSS will not share information about students or families without permission. However, a photo/video release is part of the registration form, giving HSS permission to take and use photographs/videos of students. HSS may use this in multimedia presentations, videotapes, books, supplemental products, and related advertising material; such as brochures, websites, and social media. Students’ names will not be attached to their image on HSS materials.


Registrations must be turned in before the assigned deadline. Full payment of registration fee must be made to finalize the registration process. Tuition fee can be made at the time of registration or no later than October 1st of the current school year. Exceptions will be made by the HSS Directors on a case by case basis. Parents may contact an HSS Director to discuss a payment plan if desired, but the acceptance of a payment plan is not guaranteed.

Note: Parents are welcome to participate in a class with their student at no registration charge, provided the parent is willing to support the teacher as needed.


HSS has a limited number of violins and violas available for purchase. This year only, HSS will buy back any instrument that was purchased from HSS; provided the instrument is returned in good condition (decided by Becky Beckwith or Carmen Larson). The buy back price will be the original purchase price minus the $20 maintenance fee. After 2021, HSS will provide instrument exchange days for members to sell and buy instruments, but due to limited storage, HSS will no longer buy back the instruments.

HSS has a limited number of cellos and basses available for rent at $200 per year. If a student rents for 3-4 years, HSS may be able to give the instrument to the student, depending on the price of the instrument rented.


Lost, stolen, or damaged instruments are not the responsibility of HSS. Parents must ensure that a student's instrument is well maintained and bear the financial responsibility for any maintenance and repairs of that instrument, including string replacement, whether owned or rented. Parents also have responsibility for accidental damage done to another student's instrument by their student. HSS strongly recommends that all families check with their insurance agent regarding instrument coverage.


Each HSS student is loaned a binder containing instruction books and sheet music at the beginning and throughout the HSS year. The loaned music will be marked with a Homeschool Strings stamp and must be returned in good condition following the spring concert. If the music is not returned in good condition, the parent will be billed for the replacement cost of $50. A method book is included with your tuition cost and it becomes property of the student without need for return.


Students should come prepared to HSS with their instrument, binder and a pencil. Students are also expected to spend time at home practicing for classes. Five 20-30 minute practice sessions (a minimum for advanced students) per week is recommended. Private lessons are encouraged but not required. (Private lessons are typically available from HSS teachers. Parents should contact the teacher for information about private lesson availability and rates.)


Regular attendance at class is essential to the success of HSS. Accordingly, students are expected to attend class each week. Students who miss 3 or more classes in a semester will be allowed to perform in the next performance or concert at the teacher's discretion. If a student is unable to attend class, parents should alert the student's teacher as soon as possible. Students are expected to arrive at HSS ten minutes prior to class to tune instruments.


HSS students are expected to exhibit good behavior and speech at all times. Parental courtesy is also expected. Parents may observe a class occasionally, but must remain silent. Students and parents are asked to hold conversations in the lobby or outside the building. HSS does not provide childcare for students (or siblings) not in class. Students who wish to read or do homework are permitted to work in the office area during classes, provided they remain silent. Indoor play is not permitted at any time. Students may play outdoors on the field, but not in the parking lots or the bordering forested area. No climbing of trees is allowed. HSS assumes no responsibility for injuries that occur during HSS events, including but not limited to classes, performances or concerts. Parents assume full responsibility for the supervision of their children when they are outside of the classroom.


HSS students should dress appropriately at all times. For concerts, girls should wear the HSS t-shirt and a dark skirt or slacks, with stockings and dress shoes. Boys should wear the HSS t-shirt, dark blue/black pants, black socks and dress shoes. Students lacking proper concert attire may be asked not to play in the performance or concert. If financial concerns are an issue, please speak with the student's teacher. HSS shirts are available for purchase in October.


It is the responsibility of the parents to transport students to HSS classes, performances, and concerts. Please arrive to pick up your students promptly after class or at the end of the last class for the day. (Please see Erica Ward in the admin office for a number to reach in emergency situations).


Students have the opportunity to earn Homeschool Strings music bucks during HSS classes based on punctuality, practice time, special assignments, etc. The HSS music buck store is generally open once per month to allow students to spend their music bucks on miscellaneous items.


All HSS classes require students to possess certain skills appropriate for each level. If a student does not possess the skills for a particular class they will experience frustration and failure. Students should assume that they will spend 1-3 years on each level. At the end of each year, parents will receive a report showing their student’s progress. Instructors will notify parents when a student is ready to be promoted to another level. To progress at a faster rate, parents should consider private instruction. Mastery of skills for advancement to the next level is determined by a predefined set of skills. That list can be obtained on our website at: you can ask for a copy from the HSS admin.


HSS Students are expected to attend all nursing home performances (typically during regular HSS class times) and semester concerts, unless they have been excused by their teacher. Parents are encouraged to give their student's teacher as much advance notice as possible for absences. Small children are welcome at all performances and concerts, but parents are asked to prevent them from wandering and to remove crying/noisy children from the performance. Cameras may be used. Food and drink is not allowed inside the sanctuary. Parents are asked to bring a plate of treats/snacks to share during the refreshment time following concerts and to closely supervise younger children during this activity. Cleaning up spills and trash are the responsibility of students and parents.


HSS seeks to form one or more ensemble groups that perform throughout the year at community events. If the opportunity for an ensemble group presents itself an audition announcement will be made.
The Chamber Ensemble consists of 8-14 top students who meet as a class during the regular HSS day. Participation is by invitation of the director following an audition.
HSS also encourages student-led ensemble groups. Students interested in forming or participating in a small ensemble group should notify their teacher.


HSS encourages all students to attend public and/or private concerts and theatrical performances in our area. Students may earn music bucks for attending performances and presenting their HSS teacher with a program signed by a performer.


As a small non-profit organization we thrive when volunteers are many. If you would like to help in any way, small or big, we would be so very grateful. Please contact Erica Ward through or in the office if you would like to find out what our greatest needs are.

Updated August 2021

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